How to buy shares on EasyEquities

EasyEquities makes it easy to buy and sell company shares. This is a guide on how to buy shares on EasyEquities.

Open an EasyEquities account

You can do this by downloading the app from the app store and simply following the instructions. They will need you to fill in your identity details and you might also be asked to upload certain documents. Unless you open the account using Capitec Bank; you won’t have to upload any documents.

It takes just a few minutes to open an EasyEquities account with Capitec Bank. You might need to verify your identity when opening it directly.

Use the demo account

After you have successfully opened an account; you will get a demo account from EasyEquities, you can use it to practice buying and selling shares. You get two demo accounts, one that allows you to invest in South African companies, with R100k and one with $10k for investing in US companies.

To buy shares

Deposit money into your EasyEquities account and click on “invest” at the bottom, choose the account you want to invest with. Then you can go through all the companies that are listed or you can search for the one you want, simply click on it and you will see a “buy” button. Use it to buy the shares.

You can buy fractional shares if the individual share is too expensive for you. Let’s say one share costs R1k but you only have R300, you can buy a fraction of the share instead of buying the full share.


This was a guide on how to buy shares on EasyEquities. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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