Capitec app how to guide: Cards

Finding your way around the Capitec app might seem confusing at times. This is a short guide on how to navigate the Capitec app as pertaining to your cards.

How to check your card number on Capitec app

Finding your card number on Capitec app is really simple, simply login to your remote banking app.

  • Click on “cards”.
  • Click on “show card details”.
  • Confirm and enter your PIN.

The card number will be hidden by default, by clicking on show card details and entering your PIN; it will be visible. Not only will you see the card number, you will also see the account number and card expiration date.

To get your CVV number, simply click on the card and it will flip and show you the CVV number located at the back.

How to update limits on Capitec app

To increase your limit on the Capitec app simply login to your app, navigate to the cards section and do the following.

  • Update permanent limits.
  • Set temporary limits.

Permanent limits are made up of your ATM cash withdrawal limit, card machine purchases and online purchases. Temporary limits will replace these limits and will expire after three days. Choose the option that is best for you and update your limits.

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