How long does it take to send money from TymeBank to Capitec?

How long does it really take to send money from TymeBank to Capitec Bank? It takes longer than when you are transferring it between two TymeBank accounts.

I have made a lot of transactions from Capitec to TymeBank and vice versa. What I noticed was that the money tends to reflect way fast compared to other banks. From my experiences, it takes 24 hours for money sent from TymeBank to Capitec Bank to reflect.

In some cases, it just takes a few hours, that’s if you sent the money before 15:00pm, it usually reflects within a matter of hours. Unfortunately, TymeBank doesn’t have an option to make an immediate or instant payment.

However, 24 hours is a stretch, the money usually reflects within a few hours. It might take longer on weekends or during public holidays. At some point I sent the money around 2 in the morning and it reflected by 10:00 am. That’s how fast it is.

Just make sure that you send the money before 15:00 if you want to arrive on the same day, the earlier the better. If you send it after three then it might only be processed on the following day and reflect only then.


An eft sent from TymeBank to Capitec Bank takes less than 24 hours to reflect on the recipient’s account. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

  1. Michael

    I have sent money from Tymebank account into a capitec account on Wednesday morning.It has still haven’t reflected on the capitec account.What could be the problem?

  2. Chrissy

    I sent money to an investor through Capitec..he said they transfered the money through tyme bank but it hasn’t reflected yet…what could bê the problem cause im waiting for my profit!?

  3. Wandile

    I used the send money service to send money to a capitec bank before at 14:04 on Thursday and today is a Sunday and the capitec user still hasn’t received it. Yes that’s unusually long but what would you say besides that, what could possibly be the problem?

    1. admin

      Money sent from TymeBank usually reflects in less than 24 hours from my experience, there is definitely something wrong in your case. Please contact the TymeBank support center.

  4. Karin Pretorius

    Money send from time bank to Capitec Sunday before 3 still waiting to reflect into Capitec account why does it take so long

  5. Lindajmazibuko09@gmail.com

    Time bank sucks… I’ll never open an account here… Ive been waiting for my koney to reflect since yesterday around 6…and my worry is, what if the sender reverse my cash because the was exchange of goods here…

  6. Nkosintle Nkabi

    I sent money from Tyme back to Capitec on Sunday 09:00. it’s Tuesday 11:42 now and the money has not yet reflected on my Capitec how do get my money back

  7. Zahra

    Hi I sent money from Tyme Bank to Capitec Hester morning which was a public holiday. Will it reflect today on the other person’s bank

    1. admin

      There is definitely something wrong with your transaction. TymeBank usually doesn’t take more than 24 hours to process transactions during weekdays. Please try to contact the customer care at 0860 999 119 and explain your issue.

  8. Nontuthuko

    Hi I sent money from Tyme Bank to capitec this morning will it reflect today on the other person’s bank
    At what time will it be reflect because it not been reflected
    An how can I get my money back

  9. Doctor

    This tyme bank is really a pain…how can it take so long for money to reflect from tyme bank to Capitec take 3 days to reflect?…is this another case of people opening banks claiming to help people when infact they just want to control our money?…I think one needs to go back to our grandparents days where they put money under their pillows…Mcim.

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