How to apply for FNB Easy Zero account

Applying for an FNB Zero account is very easy and effortless, so much so that it can be done within a few minutes. This is a guide on how to apply for the FNB Zero account.

What’s the FNB Easy Zero account?

FNB offers a lot of savings and transactional accounts, among these is FNB Easy Zero. This account is unique because you don’t pay any monthly fees on it and it requires zero paperwork when signing up.

This account has the same functionality as any other FNB transactional account. You can receive money, make payments and send your money, while being able to buy things like airtime and electricity.

Apply using a USSD

The most convenient way to apply for this account is by using a USSD. Simply dial *120*277# and enter your name, surname and ID number. You will have to agree to a bunch of terms and conditions but that’s about it, your account will be created and ready to use. This can take even less than 3 minutes.

The main drawback is that you have to have airtime. You can’t use the USSD service if you don’t have airtime. No paperwork is required, all you have to do is select what your source of income is, no need for a proof of address.

This account is for anyone who is aged 18 or older, there is no age limit on the upside like the FNBy account which has an age limit of 25.


This was a guide on how to apply for the FNB Easy Zero account. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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