How long does it take to send money from Standard Bank to Capitec?

Having to wait for money to reflect in your account can sometimes be frustrating. How long does it really take to send money from Standard Bank to Capitec Bank?

It can take up to 48 hours from money sent from Standard Bank to Capitec to reflect in your account. This also applies to other banks in general or payment gateways like Payoneer. This can be really frustrating if you need the money quicker.

This may take longer if the money was sent on a weekend or on a public holiday. In which case it can take 3 days or more in extreme cases. Especially if you sent in during a holiday on a Friday, right before the weekend.

Try to send your money during working hours to shorten the time it takes to reflect. From my personal experiences I have observed that money sent after working hours usually takes longer to reflect. It’s usually processed on the following day and that’s when it starts counting the time.

Immediate payment

Standard Bank offers clients the option to make an immediate payment. This usually costs a couple of rands extra but it ensures that your payment reflects within 60 seconds. It’s very great if you are sending the money to someone who is in town or any someone waiting in line to pay for goods.

The money will reflect within 60 seconds. It’s also important that you do it within working hours as well.


An eft from Standard Bank to Capitec Bank usually takes 48 hours to reflect and can take longer if it was sent on a weekend or public holiday.

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