How to refer someone on Easy Equities

You can refer someone to EasyEquities and earn money in the process. Your referral will also receive a R50 gift voucher after successfully signing up with EasyEquities. This is a guide on how to refer someone on EasyEquities.

Using the EasyEquities app

From your EasyEquities app, do the following.

  • Click on your profile icon.
  • Tap on “refer and Earn”.
  • Click on one of the social icons or emails to get a referral link.
  • Send the link to the person you want to refer.

That’s how easy it is to refer someone on EasyEquities. The links can either be sent by Email, Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter. However, you can just copy and paste the link if you want to send it through other platforms like a blog or YouTube.

There is not much incentive at this point for content creators to refer people to EasyEquities as the money goes towards offsetting brokerage costs. It would have been better if it went straight to your account and you could just invest it.

Your referral has to click the link and register on EasyEquities, that way the platform can be able to track all the people who registered after clicking your link.


This was a guide on how to refer someone on EasyEquities. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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