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How to grow your money in South Africa

We all would like to grow our money, having more money means a better quality of life. This money can be used to fund education, contribute to our living expenses or leisure. There are a lot of ways of how you can grow money, this article will discuss the most effective ones. This is a guide on how to grow money in South Africa.

There are two main ways of growing money, investments or business. You will earn interest or dividends if you invest your money and will earn profit from a business. Let’s explore the mathematics behind both of these categories.

Growing money with a business

The main advantage of growing money with a business is that the returns are astronomical, should you find success. The downside is that you carry much risk. Let’s use a blog for example, you only need around R1 000 to start a blog but can make way over R20 000 a month from the blog. This is something you can achieve within 12 months. That’s a percentage increase of 1900% from your initial investment.

There is no investment whatsoever that will give you that sort of returns, most investments will give you 10% at best. Your blog might not end up earning R20 000 per month, let’s say you do terribly and are only able to earn R1 500 per month. That means you would earn R18 000 after 12 months, again, there is no investment that would give you any of those returns.

The main thing you should pay attention to when starting a business is the return on investment. A lot of people get caught up with trying be “successful” in people’s eyes when doing business. There are a lot of businesses that don’t require you to be hands-on. You can use them to build a passive income stream.

Even making a 30% is a lot, most investments don’t even reach that. A business is a great way to grow your money fast. The business doesn’t have to be serious, it can be a side hustle, as long as it gives you good returns.

Growing money with investments

Business comes with a lot of risk, if you are risk averse and prefer something that is tried and tested; investments are for you. There are a lot of investment vehicles that you can use to grow your money, the one with the highest returns of all these is stock trading. Stock trading requires skills and is the riskiest of all investments. More traditional investments will earn you 10% per year at best.

These are investment assets like bonds, mutual funds, fixed deposits and annuities. A high interest savings account would be the ideal vehicle if you want to be able to grow your money and have access to it within a short period of time.

Investing is not as difficult as some people may think and you can usually get started from R1 000. The main advantage with investing is that you won’t have to stress and growing the money, the vehicle you invest in will grow the money for you. Investing is perfect for people who just want to grow their money without doing any labour from their side.


Growing money is not easy, it requires a lot of patience. This was a guide on how to grow your money in South Africa. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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