How to buy shares at Clicks

Clicks is one of the biggest pharmaceutical chains in South Africa. The store has been gaining popularity as the go to store for health and beauty products. This is a guide on how to buy shares at clicks.

Register with a broker

The first thing you have to do is to register with a broker; a broker is an intermediary that enables you to buy shares in companies. There are a lot of brokers in South Africa, a lot of them are expensive, which is why most people have stayed off stock trading. However, EasyEquities is a broker that allows you to open an account with no minimum deposit at all.

You can open an account today while not having any cash and deposit money when you have it, even if it’s R100. I highly recommend you to use EasyEquities as a broker for buying both local and international shares.

From the EasyEquities app, do the following;

  • Tap on invest.
  • Select the account you wish to invest from.
  • Locate the search bar and type “clicks”.
  • Select Clicks from the results.
  • Tap on buy and enter the amount of money you want to buy with.
  • Confirm your purchase.

That’s how easy buying shares at clicks is. When entering the amount of money you want to buy with; the corresponding amount of shares will be automatically allocated. 1 share at clicks is currently R257 at the time of writing this article, but you can buy fractional shares, a piece of the share if you don’t have the amount necessary to buy 1 whole share.


This was a guide on how to buy shares at Clicks, do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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