We're selling this blog for R45 000 (sixty five thousand).

This blog has been my pride and joy for the last two years but I am now letting it go in order to focus on other ventures.

This is a personal finance blog that gets around 12 000 pageviews a month. This number is expected to grow since the majority of articles posted here were published less than 12 months ago.

As you can see from this picture, the traffic is very steady and consistent. 90% of our traffic comes from Organic search, 9% is from people who visit the site directly. We don’t spend any cent on ads or any type of marketing.


This site is monetized through the Ezoic ad network, which currently brings in around R1 700 – R2 500 per month, this number usually shoots up to R4 500 per month during the festive season (September to December).

You can easily double the revenue from this site buy just adding affiliate links. Another huge monetization opportunity comes from selling your own products through this site.

I once ran a test on another one of my blogs which gets around 12k pageviews a month. I tried to sell web design services to my visitors and asked all those who were interested to fill in a form. Around 280 people filled in the form within 30 days.

This is just another way you can market your services or products if you have a business, it’s literally free marketing. You can even write a personal finance book and sell it to your readers.

The fair value of this blog is around R120 000, I am selling it at R45 000 because the buyer still has to add other revenue streams, which could triple the revenue from this blog.

Please call or WhatsApp me at 084 791 6786 for more information.