How to activate a Nedbank card

I have just finished activating my Nedbank card and the following is my experience. This is a guide on how to activate a Nedbank card.

Go to the bank

I had just signed up for my Nedbank account online through the Money app. They said is should go to the bank in order to collect my card and activate it. They were initially supposed to deliver it to my house.

I initially thought I would just get inside, collect the card and be on my way, I didn’t think it would even last 10 minutes. The whole process lasted just over 2 hours. You first have to wait in line, then wait to get called.

It took over 60 minutes just waiting in line, there weren’t even many people, there was 6 or less people but I had to wait an hour. Mainly because there were only two tellers who were dealing with card collections.

Activating your card

After being called to the teller, you have to wait an hour before receiving your card. They ask every question that you have already answered through the app and they require you to take your photo once again.

They take your fingerprints multiple times; the whole process usually takes around 30 minutes. Based on the average amount of the time spent by people who collected their cards before me and in my own case as well.

They then tell you that the ID has to be updated on the system and that you should wait another 15 to 30 minutes. You are even advised to continue with your shopping and come back after 30 minutes or so or they will call you as soon as the system has updated your details.

Be prepared to spend a couple of hours when collecting your card, unless there are multiple tellers, even then; you should be prepared to spend at least an hour.

Bottom line

The whole process feels like you are applying for a new card once again because they ask all the questions and details that you have already provided when registering on the Money App. All you need to carry is your ID.


This was a guide on how to activate a Nedbank card. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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