How does FNB Money Maximiser work?

FNB offers a lot of investment accounts, among these is the FNB Money Maximiser account. This is an overview of how this account works and what exactly it is.


The FNB Money Maximiser is a money market linked investment account. This means the interest rates are linked to the money markets at that time. This account has characteristics that are closer to a savings account as opposed to a fixed deposit account.

This is because you can access and withdraw your money at any time, you don’t have to give a notice period. You can also make additional deposits after the initial minimum deposit, which is not possible with a fixed deposit account.

The main downside to this account is that you need a lot of money to invest, the minimum deposit is R100k and you can earn a nominal interest rate of up to 3.75% per year and an effective interest rate of 3.82%.

This interest rate doesn’t change as you make additional deposits, it remains the same even if you can have more than R1million in this account.


This was an overview of how the FNB Money Maximiser works. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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